About the artist

Mandy Long is a figurative sculptor and painter who lives and works in Leeds.

Trained in ceramics at Harrogate College, where she came across her inspirational tutor David Oxley, Mandy has gone on to produce celebrated work that has graced galleries and exhibits nationwide.

The majority of her ceramic work is centred around the world of sport, and Mandy says it was a personal connection that first opened her eyes to the potential for sport to inspire art.

"Both my sons were keen young footballers, and still are, and it is really through them that my love of 'the beautiful game' came to the fore. The passion and energy, the athletic grace and wide spectrum of emotions provided the inspiration for my sculptures."

Leeds City Council purchased one of Mandy's sculptures, which celebrates the city's proud rugby heritage, and is on permanenet display at the Civic Hall.

Mandy also has longstanding links with the celebrated Leeds-based company Phoenix Dance. Many of her collection of dance sculptures were inspired by the electric and ground-breaking productions Phoenix have become renowned for.

Mandy has taken to painting more recently and is revelling in the joy of working with colour.

Her inspiration is drawn from what she sees around her, whether that be friends and family or the gorgeous Yorkshire landscape.

"I'm enjoying exploring with both acrylic and oil and I hope that by "dropping in" on my website you'll share that journey with me!"